Stay Safe at Kaliakra Rock Festival 2017

On the whole, our festival and grounds are very safe places, but you still need to take care with your personal safety.

Our site comprises both a first aid tent and a welfare centre, which you should familiarise yourselves with. There, staff members and volunteers will be on standby to give first aid and help out with any other issues (lost property, illness etc).

Here are some guidelines to follow, in order to ensure your stay at our festival is a happy and safe one.

  • Get To Know The Festival Site

Print out our downloadable campsite map, so you can acquaint yourself properly with where everything is, especially the first aid tent – because you never know when you might need it!

Find out where other essentials such as the stewards tents, drinking water and the toilets are. You don’t want to try looking for them at three o clock in the morning!

Also, try and make sure you remember where you have parked your car or camped. It helps in general if you have talked to your neighbours on the campsite, because it promotes a general friendly atmosphere, but also, it means that you are all looking out for each other if something does go a bit wrong.

  • Know Your Limits With Alcohol

It is a festival and you want to enjoy yourself, but we want to minimise any accidents, so we ask you to please drink responsibly, please don’t drink and drive and absolutely no illegal drugs of any description to be used on the campsite.

Anyone found using illegal drugs will be asked to leave and have their tickets/ wristbands confiscated.

  • Bring Torch and A Phone

A torch is the top of our list for safety at the Kaliakra Rock Festival, followed by a mobile phone.

We do have places where you can charge up your devices as well, on site. Also remember to bring enough batteries!

  • Stay Hydrated

There are several points where you can find drinking water, for free, at the campsite. Dehydration can be your biggest obstacle to your safe enjoyment of the festival, so don’t let it happen to you. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the festival.

  • Take Protection

A sunhat and sunscreen should be worn throughout the festival, it is still surprising how many people become burned or even get sunstroke at a festival and they don’t see it coming! Even on days that it does not seem that sunny, the sun can burn. So remember to cover up!

  • Decide Where To Meet Your Friends in Advance

It is safer all round to pick a place to meet your friends, in advance, than rely on mobile phones when you are at the campsite. Phone signals can fail and batteries will run out. Decide on a place in advance where you will all find each other, if you get lost.

  • If You See Something Happening, Tell Us Immediately

Finally, if you see something happening that is either a crime or is worrying to you, please tell one of our stewards immediately, don’t try and step in yourself.

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